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What Does a Design & Build Company do in a Landed Property Rebuild?

What Does a Design & Build Company do in a Home Rebuild?

If you have been thinking about rebuilding your home for some time now, you probably will have come across this term called Design & Build (D&B). What makes this process so different from hiring an architect for your plans?

To understand the process of a D&B project, here is a quick elaboration on the different roles involved in a rebuilding/ A&A project.

The Architect

In regards to a rebuild/A&A project for private landed residential homes, the Architect facilitates the planning and designing of the construction of buildings and the surrounding landscape.

Most of the time, the Architect also functions as a Qualified Person (QP). The QP is a person required from the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) to submit the relevant structural and building works plans before the start of construction.

However, there are some limitations on what an Architect can sign off, and this is when a Professional Engineer is involved.

The Builder

The builder functions as the workforce of the architect, and carries out the building works in accordance with the provisions of the Building Control Act and Regulations. The works as stated in the structural and building plans supplied by the QP is to be adhered to strictly.

Any works that require the BCA’s approval on building plans will require the registered business entity to have a Builder License.

Specialist Builder License might be required should there be any specialist building works.

These are the two major roles in any landed property rebuild / A&A project.

Traditional Method

The traditional method starts with an organized flow of events. This starts with hiring an Architect for their services. An Architect is someone who can conceptualize your dream plans into reality. Speak with them on the design elements. Usually, they will require an architectural fee ranging from $60-$90k before any submissions.

Once the design has been set, the next step will be the bidding stage. This stage offers up the pre-decided designs to tender bids from prospective builders. This opens up the project to builders to offer a competitive price.

Design & Build Method

The D&B method offers a more freeform structure without the rigidity seen in the traditional method. Think of the D&B company as your project manager, and they will handle every step of the process for.

Technically this means that all the steps of acquiring the architect, engineer and builder can happen at the same time, which reduces the overall amount of time required.

In regards to the contract sum, all works and services will be billed to you directly from the D&B company.

Advantages of the Traditional Method

Strong Vision

When a strong emphasis on design is a crucial element for the client, having an Architect helps to protect the overall vision throughout the process until project completion. Starting discussions with an Architect will first map out the design without too many changes.

This method might be more suited for clients who already have shortlisted an architect from their portfolio of works.

Advantages of the Design & Build Method

Controlled Budget

Some might contest with this point as seldom there will be a tender stage for the project. Having a tender stage might also mean that builders cut back on quality materials to meet a particular price.

By setting a budget with the D&B company, you take control of the overall costs required. If you are working with a tight budget, do bring this up with the D&B company so that the right recommendations can be given.

Better Coordination

D&B companies will often have in-house builders, engineers and even architects that they work closely with. This makes the entire project a more coordinated process. A dedicated project manager will be assigned to your project which will be your single point of contact. This makes it easier to communicate any updates to you.

About Octane Concept Design

Octane Concept Design functions as a D&B company/ Boutique Property Developer with an interesting twist.

We are taking a holistic process to real estate development starting with land acquisition, and we believe that we can deliver greater value by deriving greater personal and monetary value for your land.

Some important criteria about land value from real estate professionals’ perspective might be overlooked by traditional D&B companies.

Architectural design is a very personalized and we strive to seek a balance between design and monetary feasibility for you as the current owners and other interested buyers in the future.

We are able to provide a free preliminary land assessment/site consultation for any prospective purchases that you are interested in! Contact us now!

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