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Choosing the Right Tiles for Your New Property

Updated: May 14, 2020

Upon entering a tile showflat in Singapore, you are often greeted by a huge selection of tiles and it can be very confusing on which to pick right off without proper guidance. As of recently, most tiles in Singapore are usually homogeneous tiles. Homogenous tiles are also known as full-body porcelain tiles and they are often compared to glazed porcelain tiles.

Polished Porcelain Tiles: Observe how smooth it looks.

Homogeneous Tiles?

These are porcelain tiles that are consistent throughout. The pattern and color run consistently. Homogeneous tiles are good as they are highly durable, it is shock, abrasion and scratch-resistant. Furthermore, they are resistant to fluids and can be a choice pick for wet areas. However, homogeneous tiles usually have very little variations in designs as they can’t be “printed” on. Homogeneous tiles usually cost around $3-$10 PSF before labor costs.

Glazed Porcelain Tiles?

As its name implies, these are porcelain tiles with a surface layer of glaze. This glaze shows the different kinds of pattern which you can select to your liking. These tiles are most commonly seen around tile showflat and are the most popular choice among Singaporeans due to its good balance between durability and affordability. However, one drawback is that if there would be a chip or any form of abrasion to the glaze, a vast difference in the design can be seen. Similar to homogenous tiles, they will usually set you back anywhere from $3-$10 PSF before labor costs.

Ceramic Tiles: Observe the non-consistent patterns and roughness of the tiles.

Ceramic Tiles?

Ceramic tiles are the cheapest form of tiles in the market and are seldom used recently. Ceramic tiles are highly porous and are not waterproof. Therefore, these times are usually avoided and not used in wet areas (i.e. kitchen and toilets). Due to their obvious disadvantage, they cost around $0.50-$3 PSF before labor costs.

Marble Tiles: Observe the natural veins of marble as it is a natural stone.

Marble Tiles?

Marble tiles are long regarded for their beauty and will never fail to awe your guests. However, as marble is a natural stone, it is highly susceptible to damage and scratches as it is soft and it will require extensive maintenance. It is also very porous, which means that any spills should be cleaned immediately! It also can’t be used in wet areas. Marble tiles will cost you around $10-$20 PSF before labor costs.

Other Variations of Tiles?

Other than the type of tiles mentioned above, there are other variations such as stone, mosaic, glass and many others. However, you will seldom come across them as they are also rarely available in Singapore. Besides tiling, there are alternatives to it such as laminates or concrete screeding.

Residential, Commercial or Industrial use?

Tiles are often a crucial component during a renovation process. In addition to choosing the tiles based on their aesthetics, it is crucial to look into how the stresses of everyday demand will affect the tiles. Do look into its thermal, chemical, and mechanical characteristics.

For example, if you are selecting tiles for an area where heavy equipment or furniture is often transported, impact-resistant tiles are selected. Such tiles are usually porcelain as compared to ceramic ones or marble.

Or in cases where you are deciding on the type of flooring to use in an office environment, tiles should completely be avoided and you should pick carpeting due to its sound insulation properties.

Are you still confused about what kind of flooring you should pick for your property? Feel free to connect with us for a non-obligatory discussion!

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